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    I knew I needed to define my social media strategy and my entire activities on social media but I was unsure as to what steps to take. I know it would take a while to completely implement all that is needed but with this box, I am able to document all my social media processes. I have more clarity on what to do now to get to my sales goals using social media. You should grab yours too.

    Phyllis. M. Weaver

    IG: @discoverultimatehealth

    North Carolina, USA

    What you get:

    ◾Social media style guide template

    ◾Social media strategy template

    ◾Social Media Audit template

    ◾Social media DM pitch

    ◾Social media bio template

    ◾Social media analytics report template

    ◾Content marketing strategy plan template

    ◾30days content ideas

    ◾Hashtag research template

    ◾200 best-fit hashtags

    SIDE ATTRACTION - You get Email/DM support and a follow-up call


    ✔️You’re a service provider

    ✔️ You’ve got a product or service to sell

    ✔️ You want more clients/customers

    ✔️ You're looking to build authority and stand out in your Niche

    ✔️ You're yet to monetize your social media account

    ✔️You need help with documenting your social media marketing processes

    ✔️ You want to scale your social media followings or reach

    ✔️ You're ready to be a highly paid social media influencer.